Our lab targets for multimedia application and hardware/system architecture design. Our missions, research directions and exploratory topics are listed in the following.

    ▪ IC design to benefit human life
    ▪ Worldwide leading technology in future multimedia systems
    ▪ Powerful technologies for IC design industry
    ▪ High quality environment to foster creative talents
    ▪ Innovative and competitive force for high technology industry in Taiwan

Research directions
    ▪ Multimedia Signal Processing
        ▫ Intelligent algorithm for segmentation, tracking, …
        ▫ Video, Image coding standards , Perceptual Video
        ▫ Graphics, Stereo/3D Video, View-Synthesis

    ▪ Bio-medical Signal Processing
        ▫ Brain Signal, Neuroprosthetics and Brain Computer Interface
        ▫ Epileptic Brain Pacemaker

    ▪ DSP architecture and IC design
        ▫ Reconfigurable architecture
        ▫ Human-like intelligent architecture (iChip)
        ▫ Low-power/power-aware design

Exploratory topics
    ▪ Intelligent Chip (iChip)
        ▫ Automated image/video data classification and video surveillance
        ▫ Lost image/video information compensation and human behavior prediction

    ▪ Intelligent Vision
        ▫ Gesture recognition, object recognition, hand tracking and object tracking
        ▫ Invariant visual recognition and video stabilization

    ▪ 3D Video Processing
        ▫ 2D-to-3D: depth generation from image/video
        ▫ Real-time hardware architecture design for 3D video processing

    ▪ High-Efficiency Video Coding
        ▫ Color compensation, hole filling technique, and warping computation optimization
        ▫ Hardware architecture of hybrid decoder and view synthesis engine

    ▪ Bio-Signal Processing
        ▫ Wearable/implantable smart body sensor
        ▫ Bio-signal processing algorithm